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A sturgeon estimated to weigh 120 pounds was caught in the St. Croix River recently by Darren Troseth of Jordan, Minn. It is believed to be the biggest record fish ever caught in Minnesota.

WATCH: Minnesota angler pulls 120-pound sturgeon through ice

A Minnesota man likely will go on record as catching the biggest fish in state history.

Darren Troseth of Jordan pulled a 78-inch sturgeon through the ice from the St. Croix River last weekend, a fish he estimates weighed 120 pounds.

If the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources certifies the fish, it will be the biggest documented fish ever caught in the state.

The catch-and-keep record on the DNR books is a 94-pound sturgeon.

Troseth submitted photos and measurements of his catch to the DNR and was awaiting word of certification. The fish was released back into the river.