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Brad Wermers

COLUMN: Driving into the unknown

Some people are motivated to do the things that can make them successful, while others are motivated to avoid the things that can make them fail.  While each of these individuals has a different motivation, they share the drive to succeed between them. Rather than being pushed, naturally driven people prefer to pull themselves toward new experiences that challenge their mindset.   Propelling them toward what makes them feel alive inside, regardless if there is a reward or not. 

What is the secret for driven people to maintain a successful path?  Patience and persistence. With patience and persistence, driven people will do all that needs to be accomplished in order to create something magnificent.   They don’t skimp over important details, rush through situations and are continually moving forward. Quitting is never part of a driven person’s vocabulary; obstacles are not barriers and they surround themselves with successful people.  Motivated people take their time, making sure that they tend to what they want, resulting into something amazing. 

While drive is only one of our company’s core values, it is the fundamental definition of drive that influences the direction of our remaining values.  Drive is demonstrated in a variety of ways at our business. Completing a graduate degree while working full time, investing limited free time to attain certification toward a valued skill, presenting at a conference or taking part in professional organizations.  Drive makes a person not want to accept the status quo. It is drive that halts mediocracy; being able to see themselves attain higher goals than just by following the norm. Motivated individuals have a deep belief that the payoff of their achievements will make the times of great sacrifice well worth it.  People with drive think differently, always searching for that opportunity within. A driven person has a vision, gets excited, has dedication and strong work ethics and is confident to put in extra effort. Highly motivated individuals are driven and go beyond expectations; they are trusted by others, focused and have great confidence in their abilities. They dream of endless possibilities and tend to be exceedingly satisfied with their lives.  It is drive that compels people to make the jump into the unknown. Staying the course is easy. Harnessing that drive and taking that leap is much more difficult. 

Individuals encounter many milestones throughout life.   Their first sleepover at age 10. Passing their driver’s test at age 16.  Leaving home at age 18 to the enthusiasm of knowing where their life is going at age 30.  So why has history dictated that approaching age 40 equates to so many negative connotations?  My message to this year’s “40 under 40” recipients is that approaching this landmark should never be considered a point of stagnation but recognized as an opportunity to accelerate personal growth.  This exceptional group’s drive to succeed and to sustain a successful path will go well beyond this milestone by not only advancing their personal growth but also by presenting them with the opportunity toward sharing their developed knowledge with the younger generation.  Be that person who influences the next generation. There is no better legacy for us than positively impacting others and strengthening our communities.