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New North Dakota surgery center breaks ground in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (WDAZ-TV) - Get your hats, shovels, and possibly your resumes ready.

A new surgery center hopes to help thousands in the region.

As the shovels break the ground, a big boost for the city and the region.

A surgery center in South Grand Forks will serve patients needing anything from cataract surgery to hip replacements.

Joff Thompson, Orthopedic surgeon: "We'll have more operating rooms so that means we're going to be able to provide more services to people in the community and surrounding areas."

More operating rooms is crucial.

Currently, doctors at Valley Bone and Joint and North Dakota Eye Clinic are juggling 7 surgeons in a one-room surgery center.

Kristen Vik, Facility administrator: "We're all very excited to expand our facility from roughly 4,000 square feet to 16,000 square feet and hoping we can serve the public even better than in our current facility."

And Vik knows this brings positive promises to the future of the center.

"I hope that one thing that we have right now with our work environment is that our patient satisfaction is very high. I think that our patients like the comfort level of the ambulatory setting, I feel like they're in good hands with our nursing staff, our staff is very friendly that is one thing I hope we can bring to our new center, just on a larger scale," says Vik.

It's also expected that the center will bring more jobs to the community.

Leaders are hoping this new development will encourage even more practices to come on board.

They expect this development to take one year to finish.