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North Dakota vital statistics hold steady in 2017

BISMARCK—The number of babies born in North Dakota was down slightly in 2017.

North Dakota had 10,738 live births in 2017, about a 5.5 percent decrease from the 11,364 born in 2016, according to the state Health Department's Division of Vital Records, which in late July released its "fast facts" for births, deaths, marriages and divorces in North Dakota in 2017.

The state also had 6,311 deaths last year, up 3.1 percent from 2016. About 29 people were born every day in North Dakota last year, while 17 people died on average daily.

Darin Meschke, director of the state Division of Vital Records, said there were "not really" any surprises or new trends in 2017's vital statistics. There were no new state records either, he said.

"The numbers kind of matched the year before and the events per day," he said. "There wasn't a whole lot of difference there as well."

The oldest mother in North Dakota in 2017 was 51 years old. The oldest father was 68. The youngest parents were both 14.

The oldest ages at death in North Dakota were 103 for a man and 108 for a woman. The state's leading causes of death remained the same, with just some shifting in their rankings. Heart disease, all cancers and Alzheimer's disease remained as the top three causes of death in North Dakota from 2016 to 2017.

The "fast facts" report is available at