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Kristi Spindler

Obermiller Nelson Engineering's director of human resources offers hiring advice

What does ONE's hiring process entail?

“Hire hard” is a common quote heard during the hiring process at ONE. By that we mean we need to really ensure we vet a candidate’s experience, background and skills to make sure we have the right talent for the right roles.

We’ve created a great place to work, and we need great employees for that to continue.  

We’ve recently created a hiring process that requires every candidate to be reviewed and screened for necessary skills and qualifications by HR before we move through a hiring process with the hiring manager and/or team.

How does ONE ensure a new hire is a good fit for the position and the team?

Our values are a mainstay and incorporated into our interview process. Caring, client service, innovation, growth, quality, honesty … are all foundational to continuing a strong culture and an unparalleled client experience.

Knowing where a candidate stands in regards to those values is key to helping us ensure we have the right person for the right role.  From an HR perspective, competencies such as communication, work ethic, leadership and technical knowledge will always be foundational to finding the right candidate.

What kinds of mistakes on a resume or in an interview could take a candidate out of the running for a position?

Ego.  Finding employees who are team players and care about each other, our clients, and our work product is integral to our success. Confidence is of course welcomed, but putting your motives and needs before all else is a culture killer.

Where does ONE look for new employees?

In the past year, there has been an increased effort to diversify our recruitment efforts. With that being said, we have tremendous success in our employee referral program.  To-date for this year, we have filled 82 percent of our positions via our employee referral program!  

Our employees are proud to work here and proud of the culture our leadership has created, and that translates into our employees being an excellent resource to help fill positions.

What are the main factors new employees are looking for in a workplace?  

There’s a lot of research on the different generations and what Millennials, specifically, are looking for in a workplace.  At the end of the day, I believe strongly that it doesn’t matter what generation we’re from, we all are looking for the same things out of our workplace: challenging and purpose-driven work, opportunities to grow, feedback, appreciation for our hard work, flexibility and trust.  

Those are all key ingredients in creating an engaging and successful work environment for all.