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Real Estate

Set Your Rent matches tenants with investors who’ll buy – and rent to the tenant – a home
August 3, 2019 - 2:45pm
Want 100 tacos? North Dakota Realtor having fun with feast offering
June 13, 2019 - 10:00am
New kid on the block: Block 9 project will change Fargo’s skyline, draw people downtown
June 3, 2019 - 1:34pm
On beyond energy efficiency: For architects, ‘sustainability’ now means so much more
June 3, 2019 - 1:10pm
Mod squads: Developers install factory-built rooms, bathrooms, other components as reliance on modular construction grows
June 3, 2019 - 1:00pm
Go north, young person: Why millennials are flocking to area cities’ real estate
April 1, 2019 - 4:45pm
Minneapolis-St. Paul metro losing more affordable housing than it’s adding, report says
February 5, 2019 - 5:39pm
JSDC continues funding for Entrepreneur Center
January 14, 2019 - 6:02pm
The big squeeze: High costs and labor shortages hinder home building in western ND
September 30, 2018 - 3:51pm
Getting real: N.D. Realtors assess the N.D. real estate market
April 30, 2018 - 10:02pm
Chasing the American dream: Homebuyers face hurdles
March 17, 2018 - 8:12am
Minnkota Powered: Inside the Grand Forks-based cooperative’s new HQ
February 26, 2018 - 5:21pm