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Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU receives awards

FARGO, N.D. – Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU recently received two awards.

It was recognized as the top provider of medication therapy management services in North Dakota. The recognition is through the Outcomes platformof Cardinal Health.

Patient insurance companies use clinical pharmacy platforms such as Outcomes to provide direct patient services from a pharmacist. These services can include assessment of a patient’s medication regimen, opportunities for the pharmacist to work with the patient to increase adherence to their medication regimens or advice to help the patient manage side effects or any other problems they may have related to their medication, said Susan Wolf Nelson, pharmacy director of the Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU.

NDSU pharmacy students often assist the pharmacist in preparing the cases for the pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians can assist with contacting patients and record keeping.

“The fact that our pharmacy has been named the top performer is a great achievement,” Wolf Nelson said.

“Being named one of the best in the industry’s larger, most engaged provider network is a testament to the organization’s outstanding work,” according to an Outcomes release.

Family HealthCare Pharmacy also received the Best Practices Award from the North Dakota Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The award, presented at the North Dakota Pharmacists Association convention in April, recognizes outstanding practice, demonstrating best practices in health-system pharmacy.

The staff of Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU works closely with the staff and medical providers of the Family HealthCare Center, a federal community health center located in downtown Fargo, which is a primary care facility, open to all patients. The pharmacy and clinic provide additional services to assist uninsured and underinsured patients and provide healthcare to persons who are homeless.

The Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU is a unit in the NDSU College of Health Professions and is contracted to provide pharmacy services to the Family HealthCare Center in Fargo.

“We like to think we are on the cutting edge and it’s gratifying that others recognize that. This award is a testament to the continuous dedication and hard work of the entire staff,” said Wolf Nelson.