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Oakes, ND agriculture company sends product across the world

OAKES, N.D. — A North Dakota irrigation pump is crossing an ocean to help a farmer with dry land.

It's an exciting day for Dyna Flo, Inc. as they send their first irrigation pump overseas. The Oakes-based company got a call in January from a farmer in Australia looking to buy a pump.

Employees say the farmer saw the pump on YouTube and called because pumps like this aren't sold anywhere in Australia, and he lives in a dry region. The irrigation pump is 1,500 pounds and costs $9,500. It can pump 3,000 gallons of water per minute.

It was a first for Dyna Flo, and a moment of confusion and excitement.

"That would be a milestone if we could sell that," said Dana Rosendahl, owner of Dyna Flo. "It's pretty impressive and I guess it'd be nice to have a dealer there."

It took months for the company to complete the paperwork, but they officially sent it off Monday.

"Pretty gratifying to know that we've come this far, and all we did was start it out with, our intention was to just have a piece of rental equipment," said Rosendahl.

The company started with one pump back in 2008, purely for rental use. It sold, and the company saw growing demand for more.

Now, as the company hits the milestone of overseas sales, they're thinking about expanding with dealers around the world.

They say the best part is helping farmers in other countries with North Dakota equipment.

"It's helping grow crops and feed people in Australia, it's really gratifying," said Rosendahl.

The pump will reach Australia in about six weeks.