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Image: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nonfarm payroll employment up in February

The country’s total nonfarm payroll employment saw an increase in February, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Numbers rose by 273,000 to 152.5 million, according to the bureau report

Employment in goods-producing industries increased 61,000, and service-providing industries employment grew by 167,000. Government employment increased by 45,000.

The bureau said construction employment increased by 42,000, with employment gains in specialty trade contractors and residential building. 

“Employment in the other major goods-producing industries, mining and manufacturing, changed little over the month,” according to the bureau. “Employment in goods-producing industries totaled 21.2 million in February 2020.”

In the private service-providing industries, employment increased by 57,000 in health care and social assistance. Health care had employment gains in offices of physicians, home health care services and hospitals. 

The bureau further reported that employment in other major private service-providing industries, such as wholesale trade, retail trade, transportation and warehousing, and information, changed little over the month. Private service-providing industries employed 108.5 million in February.

The 45,000-job gain in total government employment was led by a gain in state government education. Federal government employment increased by 8,000, reflecting the hiring of 7,000 temporary workers for the 2020 Census.