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Coach's office in Harold Newman Arena at the University of Jamestown. IMAGE: UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN

AROUND THE OFFICE: Back(court) office

As the saying goes, “A hot dog always tastes better when it has a ball game in front of it.” And along those lines, an office always is livelier when it has a sports arena around it.

Such is the case at the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, N.D., where the offices for the men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball coaches now are housed in the brand-new Harold Newman Arena.

The $15.5 million facility houses a 2,000-seat arena, eight locker rooms, a training facility, two lounges, a large laundry room for the sports programs, two concession areas, a reception area, a booster club room – and a bell tower whose bell will be rung after every University of Jamestown win.

A donation from the Newman family “was the catalyst of a capital campaign that snowballed into the largest building project in the history of the university,” the Jamestown Sun reported.

Some 500 alumni, Board of Trustees members, faculty, staff, students and Jamestown residents and officials celebrated the arena’s opening in September.

"We don't have the biggest arena in North Dakota,” said Sean Johnson, UJ athletic director, at the opening.

“But we have the best arena in North Dakota." Not to mention one of state’s most interesting settings for a suite of offices.