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CoSchedule announces new investments, expansion

FARGO - Marketing calendar company CoSchedule announces the relocation of the Fargo office and expansion to the Cityscapes Plaza by July, and a hiring push of 50 new employees over 18 months.

This spring, CoSchedule announced that it had brought in $2.2 million in private investments and has experienced double the revenue every 9 months since its opening in 2013.

CoSchedule serves about 9,000 companies in more than 100 countries, and has emerged as a leader in software, content and social media marketing by providing professionals to assist companies large and small.

“As a company, we’re ecstatic about our upcoming relocation and expansion,” said Garrett Moon, CEO and Co-Founder, CoSchedule. “We are, and absolutely expect to remain, a 100% North Dakota employee based company -- and now we’re excited to be doubling down in Fargo. We’ve experienced explosive growth since 2013 and the Cityscapes Plaza space will enable us to seek local talent, scale our teams and build solutions that help businesses organize and execute their marketing strategy. Make no mistake, we see North Dakota as a differentiator for us and have every intention of embracing our unique location and resources as a catalyst to catapult our continued success.” added Moon.