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Letter: People who want to raise livestock should do it out in the country

Do Fargo homeowners want chickens and a chicken coop next door to them? I surely don't. But on April 10th, that is what the Fargo City Commission, absent Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, voted to allow. That was first reading of the proposed new ordinance. Second reading and possible final enactment comes up as soon as April 24th. If you don't want chickens next door you need to make your feelings known to city commissioners.

Chickens stink. And what they leave behind stinks even worse. Chickens spread disease. The Center for Disease Control of the federal government says " poultry, including those kept in backyard flocks, remain an important source of human salmonella infections in the United States." Like dogs and cats, chickens will get loose and run around neighborhoods.

People who want to raise livestock should do it out in the country, not in our city. People who buy homes in the city have a reasonable expectation of not having farm animals in their neighborhoods. Declining home values will follow chickens. Some people in Moorhead want pet pigs. Where does it end?

Reportedly there are already about 50 chicken sites in Fargo. If the commission can't or won't shut those down, then require the owners to get written approval from neighbors to keep the chickens. Limit them to four chickens, as in the proposed ordinance. Then, no more chickens in our city.

Strege lives in Fargo.